Bologna FC – Cagliari Calcio

Bologna, after three failures in a row, returned to the winning wave and Cagliari will strive for the third victory behind. The Sardinians travel to the north of Italy in order to make the shameful disqualification from the Pordenone three-handed cup.

Meanwhile, this is a special season for Bologna. The team Betclic moves in a quieter center of the table and can be more or less satisfied. On the other hand, the potential to lead even better is here. How else can you explain the series of winnings, which then alternates the series of defeats. In other words, Bologna has a problem with stabilizing its performance.

Some unevenness can also be shown on specific matches. Bologna at home managed to turn points for Inter Milan or Sampdoria to lose all rescue betclic points playing Crotone.

A long series without winning has Cagliari for a week and in the last five rounds it managed to win three times and help significantly in the league table. The Sardinians picked up the points exactly where they needed it, that means Benevento, Hellas, and Udinese. Last time, according to assumptions, Inter Milan was not enough. Of course, Cagliari travels to the north of Italy in order to Unibet score points, but also to make an unexpected defeat with Pordenone, a three-league squad. It surpassed 2: 1 in Sardinia.

Cagliari is one of three teams who have not been able to draw a draw yet this season. Udinese did not recognize the division of points, and logically Benevento.

Robert Donadoni’s team will have to go Unibet mobile interface without the punished Torosidis, and that’s not the only loss. Outside the game, they are injured by Di Francesco, Falletti and Gonzalez. Cagliari returns to Renato Dall’Ara without Cragno and offside is also the attacker Sau.