The Czechs headed for Hamburg ahead of schedule. We are not defeated beforehand, he says

“It’s definitely better. Although acclimatization probably will not be needed, the weather will likely be similar to the weather. Maybe even worse, “defends Pavel Kadeřábek. “It’s good to sleep there for two nights. Although these are factors that will not affect the game much. It shows up on the pitch. ”

There, Bohemia is waiting for a very difficult task. It is going to be a real jerk.

“We know that there is a great manchaft, a great team and great individuality against us. But many of us played big games against big names, “says midfielder Ladislav Krejčí. “I might recall the match with the Dutch. They came to Letna as bronze from the world championship, it was a huge halo and finally we managed it.We are aware of their tremendous strength, but we are not defeated. ”

The match is still two days left, so Krejci’s more betting analysis than a hard opponent has been haunting the way. Flying does not have to happen at all.

“The air travel makes me nervous because I really do not like it. We’re still flying with a helicopter! I’m curious about that, “he smiled. “I do not care whether I’m going to be in a hotel in Prague or in Germany, but it’s good to sleep and the day before the match will not wait for us.”

While the Czechs met in Prague on Monday , The Germans started preparing until Wednesday. According to Kadeřábek, who knows his opponent well in engaging in Hoffenheim, there is nothing unusual about it.

“They always have it, each time the meetings begin to take place two days after.It can be said that they probably have a little hook, “he thinks. “They say they only need two training sessions and they will beat each other. So it does not work out now. ”
On the pitch, he can meet with club partner Sebastian Rudy, but they have the best sports betting online not been able to discuss the game. “After the last match in Ingolstadt, we were all happy that we managed, then I went straight to Prague. There was no time, “he admits.

The Czech Republic is waiting for a confrontation with a team from the top European and world top. Similarly, they spent the last summer in the Euro, when they opened the group with a match against Spain. They kept the draw for long, but eventually the big pressure continued and lost 0: 1. Will the Germans be even harder to rival?

“An interesting question.They are on a similar level, hard to tell who is better, “Krejci says. “It’s hard to judge, it’s a similar quality. But the Germans are more stubborn. ”

If the Czechs can cope with them, they will appear on Saturday night. The match at the Hamburg Volksparkstadion starts at 20:45.